Sunday, 6 April 2014

Effey the Heffalump and Jeff the Giraffe

I am getting quite addicted to the african flower motif animals by Heidi Bears.

For Effey I used Stylecraft DK: cream, jaffa, aspen and yellow.  I used a size 3mm hook.

I made her with her trunk curled upwards as I think they look nicer like that.  She is for my youngest daughter's birthday in May.

For Jeff the Giraffe, again another Heidi Bears pattern, I used Stylecraft DK: cream, turquoise, shrimp and spring green.  I used a size 2.5 hook.  I really enjoyed making Jeff as it was a little more than just making the motifs and assembling.  You had the ears, horns and mane to do. I think he looked rather handsome!  He was made for my eldest daughter's birthday in May (also). She will be 19 - never too old for a soft toy.  Here are a selection of photos of Jeff:

Ellie and Jeff

Ellie and Jeff