Sunday, 6 April 2014

Effey the Heffalump and Jeff the Giraffe

I am getting quite addicted to the african flower motif animals by Heidi Bears.

For Effey I used Stylecraft DK: cream, jaffa, aspen and yellow.  I used a size 3mm hook.

I made her with her trunk curled upwards as I think they look nicer like that.  She is for my youngest daughter's birthday in May.

For Jeff the Giraffe, again another Heidi Bears pattern, I used Stylecraft DK: cream, turquoise, shrimp and spring green.  I used a size 2.5 hook.  I really enjoyed making Jeff as it was a little more than just making the motifs and assembling.  You had the ears, horns and mane to do. I think he looked rather handsome!  He was made for my eldest daughter's birthday in May (also). She will be 19 - never too old for a soft toy.  Here are a selection of photos of Jeff:

Ellie and Jeff

Ellie and Jeff


  1. Hi Karen, Just found your blog. Enjoyed seeing your Creations. My Grandson would Love your Crocheted Black and White Cat. Did you go by a pattern? Really Cute! I am now a follower of yours. If you ever get the chance stop by my blog sometime. Happy Day to you. :0)

    1. Hi. For the basic pattern I followed the one I posted on the Minstrel blog. The cat was all black so I had to follow a photo for where I had to add white. I'm so glad you like it. I will pop over over to your blog and have a look. Thank you for leaving me a message. :-)

  2. Having lived in South Africa for a long time, I immediately recognised the Swazi candles patterns. Awesome and inspiring, thank you.


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