Sunday, 7 July 2013

Sheep Shearing in the Wop Wops

Ok so not quite in the wop wops, but close.  To you non-New Zealand people, to be in the wop wops means to be in the middle of nowhere.

With this sudden heatwave we have had in the UK, my mind turned to my 2 sheep.  They are a cross between a Soay and a Jacob.  Rosy is 12 and Cassy is 11.  I did have a ram, Toby, but unfortunately I came home to find him dead in the shed when he was only 5.

Toby and Rosy had to be bottle fed and were very cute.  They lived in the utility room until my husband finished building them a shed and they had been weaned; which turned out to be 4 weeks.  I had to lay plastic sheeting down to protect the carpet and then put sheets and towels on top of it (which needed washing every day).

Toby (in the front) and Rosy
As you can see they are not the cuddly looking white sheep. They have quite a different nature as well...they are little battlers and eat everything.  They managed to kill all the trees in their area but eating the bark off them.

This is what Rosy and Cassy looked like first thing this morning, before I got my scissors out!  They don't like being flipped on their backs and so I have employed a different method.

Rosy (in the front) and Cassy

One of the chickens obviously was feeling left out and wanted her photo taken as well :-).

See the big horns?  Yep, well worth keeping out of their reach....they hurt when they make contact.  So, my husband has to hold onto their horns while I clip them with a pair of scissors.  2 hours later of back-breaking cutting and they look very smart and much slimmer.

Cassy being restrained but about to be released


She seems a little thin for my liking so will have to keep an eye on her and Rosy (she also seem a little thin).  They are eating the same amount so I'm wondering if it has something to do with their age.


Well, that is done for the year.  I have 2 lots of wool to be disposed of.  I sometimes leave it for the birds to use for their nests.

 However, my husband said that I should spin it.  So this might be worth thinking about next year when my studies finish.  If anyone reading this has any useful information, then please leave me a message.  In fact, just leave me a message, I love getting them :-)

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